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Regional FFA hosted at EXPO 2015
The Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) regional event travelled to Milan in September for a special session held on the EXPO site. This meeting further stimulated the debate on how to improve food and environmental security and attracted an influential audience. More >
FFA2015 outcomes now available
A full summary of the 2015 Forum for the Future of Agriculture is now available for download or viewing as a pdf file. The 16 page document highlights the outcomes of each session of the FFA2015. More >
Tuesday, March 22, 2016
FFA2016 - Brussels
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FFA2015 : Focusing on the UN Sustainable Development Goals

At the 2015 Forum for the Future of Agriculture, in Brussels, the agenda focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals: A new momentum for European agriculture. Luminaries from various leading international institutions, such as the European Commission, the European Council, the European Parliament, the food/farming chain, NGOs, and businesses from every sector presented their diverse views to a packed auditorium.
FFA2015 online debate
In March 2015 we launched a stimulating online debate on the Future of Agriculture which opened up a discussion on how European agriculture can contribute to global food security in a sustainable way, while also looking at the role of trade and innovation, such as circular economy, in creating a new momentum for the European agriculture. This online debate built up to and led into the 8th Forum for the Future of Agriculture.
The Forum for the Future of Agriculture is the premiere meeting place in Brussels to debate sustainable agriculture and environmental challenges - where agriculture and environment meet. More >