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Our ForumforAg virtual venue
14th Mar 2021

Welcome to the ForumforAg virtual venue where all the action will happen during our upcoming events.

Watch the 3 minute video below so you can get the best from your visit to our virtual venue.

The ForumforAg Virtual Venue is open from Wednesday, December 1 until Friday, December 3 but please note exhibition stands are only usually manned during the breaks on Thursday, December 2. If you register for the Regional Event you will get free access to the virtual venue

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What we have tried to do is recreate online as many of the attributes of a physical conference venue as we can but unlike a real venue you can actually go into the kitchen in ours and watch a chef cook or pick up some recipes for you to try at home.

There are several main areas where you can interact with us or each other.

The lobby

Venue map

Entry is through the lobby and here you can click on the welcome stand where there is some online help in case you have any technical questions and links to specific areas of interest. The big panels with the partners and exhibitors’ logos on them are an easy way to get straight to the exhibition stands but you can also choose to click on the signs above the doors to access the exhibition area or other rooms.

Throughout the platform when you move your mouse, boxes will appear showing you where the doors are in each room but you can always use the buttons at the bottom of the screen to find your way around.

The auditorium
The auditorium is where the live transmissions will happen, so just before the starting times make sure you grab a comfortable seat and enter the auditorium ready to watch live some great speakers discuss food system renewal.

Venue map

The exhibition

Venue map

Here you can find over 20 exhibition stands which include videos to watch, things to read and a chance to chat to each exhibitor during the breaks when the stands will be manned. The best advice we can give is visit as many stands as possible and click on the areas of the stand to find out more about things of interest. The Chat button at the top left of each stand is how you can communicate with the stand reps.

The lounge
The lounge is where you can send general messages to everyone in the lounge at that time using the group chat function, but remember everyone can see your message.

Venue map

For personal messages
If you want to find one of your friends or colleagues, you can click on the Attendees button on the bottom menu bar of each page to see who is online at that time, then you can use the green personal chat button to connect to that person for a personal chat.

The kitchen
And don’t forget the kitchen where we have a video of a chef cooking and you can click on the recipes links to discover some great sustainable recipes and some new ideas for you to try. To help you if you click on the briefcase icon on the bottom menu bar you will see we have already added some recipes to your briefcase so you can view them directly from there or save the pdfs for later use on your computer.

Venue map

We hope you have as much fun exploring our virtual venue as we had creating it.

TOP TIP | When visiting the virtual venue, if you can't see the full rooms like shown in the pictures above, then you will need to zoom out on your browser or click CTRL and - together to zoom out.

Ian Collins
Forum for the Future of Agriculture support team

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