FFA2020 has chosen to work with CO2logic to ensure our event is sustainable. Together with Vinçotte, CO2logic developed a CO2-Neutral protocol based on PAS 2060 , the first CO2-Neutrality standard.

The CO2-Neutral label guarantees that labelled organisations are actively calculating, reducing and compensating their local and global climate impact. Achieving CO2-Neutrality by obtaining this CO2-NEUTRAL label in line with the PAS 2060, the international standard for CO2-Neutrality, is a guarantee for credible climate action.

Since 2007, CO2logic has developed a unique 4-step approach.

1. Calculate
The first step is to assess & calculate the current carbon footprint. It allows CO2logic to objectively identify the opportunities & threats related to CO2. Thus enabling FFA to have a global overview of the different impacts and compare them in CO2 equivalents, each according to their global warming potential (GWP).

2. Reduce
This clears the path for identifying the most urgent and interesting carbon reduction opportunities.

3. Offset
The currently incompressible CO2 emissions will be offset by supporting certified climate projects. It is important to note that only certified climate projects offer the right guarantees for a robust climate strategy. CO2logic is also recognised as the Belgian expert in this field.

4. Communicate
At FFA through the CO2logic scheme we are supporting conservation projects including agroforestry in Zambia.

The Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) is conscious of its CO2 emissions and by supporting certified climate projects it has offset 417 tCO2e. This corresponds to the offsetting of the event "Forum for the Future of Agriculture 2020".

The Zambia Agroforestry project
Thanks to the work of Zambia AgroForestry project, the offsetting by FFA is helping to support 30 farmers, 26 hectares of sustainable farmland and over 1,600 hectares of conservation area.

Zambia project

To read more about the CO2logic Zambia Agroforestry project you can read their newsletter or the COMACO blog.To find out more about this and other COMACO projects visit

For more information on CO2logic visit

FFA2020 is a CO2-Neutral Event

Sustainability at The Square
We are also proud to be working with The Square who have a policy of the responsible management of their events.

The Square has taken an environmental approach for several years. In keeping with their mission and values, and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policies of GL events Group, the team want to promote a sense of responsibility by considering all aspects of sustainable development (environmental and social).

Mindful of the legacy and ecological footprint of their events, the Square has implemented sustainable development policies and have obtained the ISO 20121 certification, a standard for the responsible management of events.In order to meet these commitments, and the expectations of our stakeholders, our activities focus on three key challenges:

  • optimise waste management

  • increase the safety and security of individuals and property

  • develop an environmentally friendly food and beverage service

This sustainable development policy consists of an active, conscious and collaborative approach. All the teams and partners of the Square implement good practices and eco-gestures each and every day in their quest for continuous improvement.