Valeriu Andrei Steriu
Member of the Chamber of Deputies, Parliament of Romania

Valeriu Andrei Steriu has a PhD in Agricultural Economics, at the University of Agricultural Studies and Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest and has a substantial professional background in the field of agriculture. He started as an owner and manager of a dairy farm (1990– 2000) and then managed a World Bank project regarding research in agriculture, followed by the position of state secretary within the Ministry of Agriculture, in charge with the accession negotiations with the EU on behalf of Romania on the Chapter for Agriculture. In 2004 he won a senator mandate in the Romanian Parliament but he chose the private sector and so during 2005-2008 he managed the National Dairy Association and the National Food Industry Association. In 2008 he returned to politics and was elected member of the Chamber of Deputies in the Romanian Parliament, where he continued to support social politics aimed at increasing peoples’ quality of life. During his three mandates he was part of different Parliamentary Committees, such as the Committee for Agriculture, Forestry, Food Industry and Specific Services (2008-2010, 2012-2016, 2017- present day) and others.

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