Truke Smoor
Global Sustainability Director, Water at Cargill

Truke Smoor is Sustainability Director – Water at Cargill and leads the development and implementation of the global water strategy and water compliance programs. Truke has a Master of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands and has held positions in the chemicals and consulting industry before joining Cargill. At Cargill, Truke has led the development of global water policies and requirements for operations and has been the architect of the water targets for Cargill. The first of its kind addressing water availability, quality and access to safe drinking water across the value chain. Before joining Cargill, Truke has supported the development of corporate water stewardship programs for various companies and has held roles in Research and Development, and Manufacturing. She has worked across different cultures and countries, in the United States, France, Netherlands, China and the Philippines. More information Website – www.cargill.com Twitter – @cargill Facebook – Cargill LinkedIn – truke-smoor-17230a5

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