Sylvie Alexandre
Full member of the French Academy of Agriculture, Section 2 (Forestry and the timber industry)

Having followed the integration of the forestry and wood industry into public policies for a long time, Mrs Alexandre is very active in the life of the "Forestry and wood industry" section of the Academy of Agriculture. As an expert in the interplay of private and public players, particularly within the France Bois ForĂȘt interprofession and France Bois Industrie Entreprises, she has built up in-depth knowledge of the strategic contract of the forestry and wood industry. In particular, she has given the "forests and wood industries" section the benefit of her expertise in the various public policies affecting the forestry and wood industries and steered by the MTES: climate plan (role of the forestry and wood industries in mitigating climate change), development of renewable energies (monitoring of ADMEME's work), and support for wood construction (particularly high-rise wooden buildings). Ms. Alexandre has written three fact sheets for the online encyclopaedia "100 questions on forests and wood": two on the energy transition and the bio-economy and one on the strategic sector contract. She is co-author of an article in the Academy's magazine and of several "academicians' points of view". Her vast network allows her to propose candidates for the Academy's awards, notably the vermeil medal.

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