Samuel Masse
President, CEJA

Samuel is a winegrower from Southern France. He works with his brother on what was once their grandparents’ farm and has 20 hectares of organic vines in “PDO Languedoc” and “PGI Pays d’Oc”. Samuel studied viticulture and oenology and did internships in the USA on vineyard management. He got involved in Jeunes Agriculteurs (JA), the French young farmers’ organisation, as Secretary General and then President of JA Hérault, and Treasurer of JA Languedoc Roussillon. In 2018, he joined the national Board of JA in charge of European and international issues, the food chain and quality labels. In 2019, he was elected Vice-President of CEJA and is since January 2021 the current President of the organisation. More information Website – www.ceja.eu Twitter – @MasseSamuel1 Facebook – cejayoungfarmers LinkedIn - ceja-european-council-of-young-farmers

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