Dr Qu Dongyu
Director-General, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Dr Qu Dongyu has spent his life working on how to make sure the world is fed. Born in 1963 to a rice-growing family in China’s Hunan Province, Qu studied horticultural science at Hunan Agricultural University, plant breeding and genetics at the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, and environmental science at Wageningen University.
At the center of China’s push to achieve dramatic reductions of poverty and hunger, he organized major international events including the World Potato Congress, the International Rice Congress and the International Conference on Plant Protection as well as participating in bilateral and multilateral initiatives. He believes freedom from hunger is a basic human right, that the world has the capability to deliver it, and that “problems can also be the source of progress”.
Prior to taking FAO’s helm in 2019, Qu served as China’s Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, where he championed inclusive and innovative development enabling 400 million farmers living in rural areas to benefit from digital technologies. He also improved reporting of wholesale prices for agricultural products, fostered the establishment of more than 100 specialty production areas geared to making local comparative advantages work to the benefit of local farmers. As Vice Governor of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, one of China’s landlocked and poorest areas, he formulated action plans aimed at women empowerment, agritourism and mutual learning platforms designed to boost trust between ethnic groups. His motto is “Simple life, but not simple work”.
More information Website – www.fao.org/director-general/en/ Twitter – @FAODG

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