Poppy Eyre
Innovation Support Officer at SusMetro for FoodSHIFT 2030

Poppy Eyre graduated in the field of International Food and Agribusiness at HAS University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands. During this time Poppy has been involved in diverse projects, including work in the Ghanaian cocoa sector and international vegetable supply chains. Following her graduation, Poppy moved into the insect protein sector, developing innovative proposals for insect-based business models in Nigeria. More recently, Poppy has developed a keen interest in community supported agriculture, linking closely with her current work in the Horizon2020 project FoodSHIFT 2030, stimulating sustainable city-region food systems. Poppy also aims to promote the voice of young people in the food and agricultural sphere through her involvement as a FutureFoodMaker (FFM) with EIT Food. In the FFM Menu for Change, Poppy focuses on regenerative agriculture and true cost accounting. In her spare time, Poppy is a keen gardener and volunteers at a local CSA initiative. More information Website – www.susmetro.eu Website – www.foodshift2030.eu LinkedIn – poppyeyre

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