Mellany Klompe
Director of the Soil Heroes Foundation

Mellany has been transforming the Klompe family farm, 360 hectares of arable land in The Netherlands, to become regenerative in its practices for the last 15 years.  Mellany is also on the board of the Collective Cooperative for the Hoeksche Waard (www.cchw.eu), a region in south Holland. There she has been instrumental in creating more than 800km of field margins and biodiversity lanes on the island to promote natural pest control, pollination and biodiversity. Through this initiative, the Hoeksche Waard is now the EU-example on this topic, and is a part of the EU-project FABulous farmers (https://www.fabulousfarmers.eu/en). Mellany is also expert in raising subsidies, measuring soil quality and is currently the Director of the Soil Heroes Foundation (www.soilheroesfoundation.com). Previously, Mellany worked for the Dutch Waterboards and local government. Mellany is a strong believer that nature provides the solutions to the world’s biggest problems and has dedicated her life to a more prosperous and healthy planet for future generations.

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