Marjon Krol
Senior Project Manager Market and Food Chains at ZLTO

Marjon Krol was born on a dairy farm in the South of the Netherlands. After a few years of working in international development cooperation, she has now been working for 20 years in the Southern Agricultural and Horticultural Organisation (ZLTO): an association of farmers in the South of the Netherlands. It is her mission to make our food system more sustainable and to help farmers take steps in that direction by connecting farmers with important developments in market and society, such as growing (urban) populations, the need to address climate change, to reduce food losses and to improve our soils. She has led various projects in the field of organic agriculture, short food supply chains and multifunctional agriculture, at national and EU level. Currently she is leading 2 major European projects on reducing food losses on the farm (the Food Heroes project) and on the development of revenue models for carbon sequestration in agricultural soils (the Carbon Farming project). She is also involved in projects related to the protein shift and the development and implementation of the Biodiversity Monitor in dairy farming in the Netherlands. She represents the Dutch Farmers Organisation LTO Netherlands in the Dutch Sustainable Food Alliance where national organizations of Food Manufacturers, Retailers, Caterers, Horeca and Companies in animal feed collaborate to increase sustainable food chains. Marjon has a Masters’ Degree in International Land and Water Management at Wageningen University. More information Website – www.zlto.nl Facebook – @marjon.krol.5 Twitter – @MarjonKrol LinkedIn – marjon-krol-b6223314

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