Katrien Verbeke
CEO, Let Us

Katrien has more than 17 years of experience in sustainable food systems. Throughout the years she has played an impactful role in building sustainable, healthy food systems. Before starting as a social entrepreneur since 2 years, she have been leading the sustainability team of a food retailer and has developed the food policy of the city of Ghent. The Ghent food policy has been rewarded with the Global Climate Action Award of the United Nations. She looks from a systemic approach at the food system and tackles the missing links: what is needed to further shift the food system towards a more sustainable, resilient food system? Katrien works on solutions related to local food and short food supply chains, food environments, access to food, food waste and circularity, monitoring, urban agriculture, etc. Let Us develops new solutions in partnership and collaboration with different types of stakeholders, both in the profit and non-profit sector. More information Website – www.letus.be Twitter – @verbeke_katrien Facebook – letuscocreatethefoodture LinkedIn – Let Us

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