Juan Gonzalez Valero
Head Sustainable & Responsible Business, Syngenta

Juan Gonzalez Valero has worked at Syngenta since 2000, and is currently the Head of Sustainable and Responsible Business. He leads all operations related to integrating sustainability aspects into core business practices, including stewardship and the company’s “Good Growth Plan”. Alongside his current position, he is lecturing at the University of St. Gallen. Prior to his current position, Gonzalez Valero served as Head of Public Policy and Sustainability, Head of Ecological Risk Assessment, Head of Sustainable Use and Stewardship, and Head of Corporate Responsibility within Syngenta. He has also been Head Ecotoxicology at Novartis, and has served on the board of a number of non-profit organizations, among them the Fair Labor Association and the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Gonzalez Valero earned his PhD in Biology with specialization in Ecology and Environmental Toxicology, from the University of Hamburg in 1989.

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