Jeroen Candel
Assistant Professor, Wageningen University

Dr. Jeroen Candel works as assistant professor in food and agricultural policy at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. In his research, he studies how governments, from local to EU level, can support a transition towards a more sustainable food system. In his most recent publications, he has reflected on the ground-breaking potential of the EU’s Farm to Fork Strategy and provided recommendations for improvements of the Common Agricultural Policy. Moreover, he was one of the authors of the SAPEA-report ‘A Sustainable Food System for the European Union’. Apart from his academic duties, Dr. Candel closely engages with policymakers and stakeholders to provide suggestions for improved food governance. He is a member of the Dutch Council on Animal Affairs and the supervisory board of the foundation Transitiecoalitie Voedsel (‘the Food transition Coalition’). Together with researchers from Oxford University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences he has set up the new platform Table, which seeks to facilitate informed discussions about how the food system can become sustainable, resilient, just, and ultimately “good”. More information Website – www.wur.nl Twitter – @JeroenCandel LinkedIn – jeroen-candel-08265229

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