Ivan Paspaldzhiev
Senior Consultant, Service Lead Natural & Social Capital, denkstatt

Ivan Paspaldzhiev is Senior Consultant at denkstatt – the leading sustainability consultancy in Central & Eastern Europe, headquartered in Vienna & with offices Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, and a long-term partnership with German consultancy sustainable AG. Ivan leads denkstatt’s services for Natural & Social Capital management. As such, he helps companies understand and manage their impacts and dependencies on nature, the economy and society toward creating shared value. He has particular experience in projects for the retail & food & beverages sectors. Ivan’s work includes developing The Coca-Cola Company’s methodology for assessing the ecosystem service benefits of water replenishment projects, as well as multiple natural capital studies with leading wholesalers & retailers such as Metro AG. His wider experience includes topics such as life-cycle assessment & product sustainability, TCFD & climate strategy, as well as impact assessment of environmental policies (primarily for the European Commission). Prior to joining denkstatt, he worked on climate change model development for the UK Hadley Centre. He holds a degree in Ecological and Environmental Sciences from the University of Edinburgh, and is currently working toward a second degree in Big Data Analytics.

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