Galina Peycheva-Miteva
Farmer, Bulgaria

Galina Peycheva-Miteva studied Econometrics and Statistics in New York and graduated in 2005, when she joined the family farm. She started her active agricultural activity in 2007 by managing 1,650 ha of land. She was instrumental in creating the family vineyard, lavender fields and rose fields. She changed the direction of the family business towards crop diversity adding milk thistle, coriander, alfalfa, grass mixes, cotton and acacia to the traditional wheat, barley and sunflower. She changed the method of farming from conventional to minimum disturbance and has made numerous efforts to preserve and improve soil fertility, fight water and wind erosion and has in the process certified as biologic over 580 ha of arable land. She allocated 200 ha of her arable land to be converted to pasture grass land in order to ensure the sustainable long-term management of the land. For those efforts, she was awarded the prestigious Soil Award in Brussels, in 2017. She was named Business Woman of the Year for 2017 by the Agrobusiness Magazine of Bulgaria. Galina is the Vice-Chairman of the Bulgarian Landowners Association, holds a seat on the Board of the Association of Agricultural Producers in Bulgaria and is a member of the National Grain Producers Association. She is actively involved in policy-making and advocating the rights and responsibilities of farmers and landowners. In 2018, she joined the Wildlife Estates label and is passionate about promoting the message of sustainability and the active role of landowners in protecting and promoting biodiversity.

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