Eva Keretic
Singer songwriter, climate speaker and future food advocate

Eva Keretic introduces herself in the following way; "If there’s one thing I’ve mastered in the half century of my life, it’s to embrace an experience and create a story. Whether it be in song, or speech, or trying to save the planet. There I was at my first meeting with politicians and managing directors, hoping to finance an innovative vertical farm facility run on 100% renewable energy, and they started off with the normal introduction round. Their lists were long and impressive and I kept panicking at how I would even begin explaining my right and imminent necessity to be there amongst them. I decided the best plan of action was to go with the true story. I mean I did write, produce and perform 6 albums of original music. I did believe in and follow my desire to express my life stories with music and share them with the world. While doing it all I actually thought I might add something insightful to the lives of others through my experiences. In the end I’m sure I did. Whether it was for many or a chosen few I turned my life’s lessons and heartache into songs." Her roles have included; Member Hamburg Chamber of Commerce Committee for innovation and research 2020-21 (Head of the Foodworks Initiave), Ambassador for the Farm/Food/Climate Challenge for Project Together 2020-21 (Open Social Innovation Hub Germany), TEDx speaker October 2020 (Kassel, Germany), Creative Director for the ALOHAS Eco-Center 2017-2019 (a fully sustainable food and beverage production facility) and Climate Reality Leader with Al Gore 2017. She is also a singer/songwriter, composer, producer and she has released 6 albums. Her other roles include Managing Director and founder of "The Jamplan", agency for team building with songwriting and has composed various advertising songs as well as a children's English Learning CD. She was also Musical Director for the International Art Project "Many Children - One World" and her concert appearances include as a support act for Richard Marx, Vonda Shepard and Marius Müller-Westernhagen.

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