Erwin Ulrich
Head of the mission to adapt forests to climate change Forestry and Natural Hazards Directorate, ONF, Office National des ForĂȘts

Erwin Ulrich is since October 2020 the National coordinator in the mission to adapt forests to climate change at the Office National des ForĂȘts, DFRN, where he leads the coordination of all activities related to this subject at national level for the needs of the ONF. He received his Diploma in Forestry Engineering from the Vienna University of Agriculture (1987) followed by his PhD from the same University two years later. Elwin Ulrich is recognized as an "international expert" by the Commission d'orientation et de suivi de l'expertise (COSE) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food. He also received in 2004 the Gold medal diploma of the French Academy of Agriculture for the remarkable role of animation in the implementation and operation of the national network of long-term monitoring of forest ecosystems of the ONF. Then in 2003, he was honoured with the honorary diploma of the Ministry of Agriculture, Bucharest, Romania for the exemplary collaboration with the researchers of the Forestry Research and Management Centre (ICAS) of ROMSILVA. Since 1987, he published about 290 documents in peer-reviewed and non-peer-reviewed scientific journals, peer-reviewed books, other books, review articles, conference papers, colloquia, popularisation articles, scientific reports or books, technical reports and mission reports, reference manuals, technical sheets and diplomas.

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