Emmanuelle Mikosz
Forum for the Future of Agriculture Programme Director

In January 2022 Emmanuelle Mikosz took the role of 'Forum for the Future of Agriculture' Programme Director. Previously she was the coordinator of the regional events of the Forum. For more than 15 years the Forum has been contributing to the debate on agriculture and the environment in Brussels and is now firmly established as the premier event of its type. Since 2005 Emmanuelle Mikosz has been an ELO adviser specialised in property rights, agricultural and environmental policies dedicated to Central & Eastern European countries. Trained as a lawyer, she earned a Master of Arts degree from the College of Europe (Natolin). Emmanuelle is involved on a daily basis with the formulation of ELO members' positions regarding national land laws and management of enterprises. The European Landowners’ Organization - ELO asbl, created in 1972, is a unique federation of national associations from the EU27, which represents the interests of the landowners, land and forest managers and rural entrepreneurs at the European political level. Emmanuelle is the Editor-in-Chief of the ELO bimonthly "Countryside Magazine", edited in English, French and Spanish. She is also an expert representing ELO at different international events as well as at the European Commission Civil dialogue groups or biogeographical consultations processes. She has a personal interest in innovation and research policies, including aviation and protection of data regulations. She believes that the future of European agriculture relies on sustainable development hand in hand with the protection of biodiversity and access to water.

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