Emmanuel Petel
Policy Coordinator, European Commission, DG AGRI

Emmanuel Petel is a policy coordinator at the Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development at the European Commission. He is responsible for the implementation of some relevant CAP (Common Agricultural Policy) supports and tools to foster some agricultural practices contributing to environment preservation and the climate change mitigation and adaptation. During last programming period (2014 2020), he has been in charge of a team to manage a "greening" payment: 30% of the financial envelope for direct payments of each Member State is granted to the farmers who respect some basic practices: crop diversification, maintaining existing permanent pasture, having ecological focus area on the agricultural area. From 2018, for the future CAP post 2020, Emmanuel Petel has been involved in the discussion and dialogue with Member State to adopt a new greening architecture enhancing some standards and providing a new funding opportunity such as eco-scheme. Based on a CAP plan to be set in each Member State, better achievements and ambitions are expected in relation biodiversity and protection of soil and water quality.

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