Dik Kruijthoff
Managing Partner, Novifarm, The Netherlands

Dik Kruijthoff is a 14th generation farmer from The Netherlands. After studying at a business school in Rotterdam he became a banker at ABN AMRO and for six years specialised in the finance of horticulture. In 2004 he made the switch to agri-commodities and became responsible for the purchasing of all the fertilisers for all the dutch cooperatives. In 2009 his two brothers took over the farm of his parents and he became a managing partner in Novifarm. Novifarm is a partnership of arable farmers, created in 2007 by a merger of two arable farms, operating the land of five companies and has a total area of approximately 800 hectares. It is a cooperative bottom up business model which is an answer to the ongoing decline in the number of "family farms".

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