David Haigh Florez
Biostimulants Unit Manager / R&D

David got his PhD degree at the UCM (Complutense University of Madrid, Madrid, Spain), as a member of GSOLFA research group (www.gsolfa.info/; Prof. G. Orellana), developing luminescent sensors and biosensors; being microalgae cultures the common subject of my work. During this time (2006-2013), he completed my PhD degree and worked in a postdoctoral fellowship. Later I spent two years in Brazil doing a postdoctoral fellowship at the UFES (Espirito Santo, Brazil), granted by the Brazilian Government (CAPES); dealing with natural product. He is currently working (2018-) in the R&D department of Kimitec Group (Almeria, Spain) developing plant biostimulant, through enzymatic and fermentation process.

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