Carlos Manuel Rodríguez Echandi
Minister of Environment and Energy, Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica

Carlos Manuel Rodriguez is for the second time, the Minister of Environment and Energy for the Republic of Costa Rica. He has been a pioneer in the development of payment for ecosystem services (PES). Mr. Rodriguez understands the political preconditions necessary for successful implementation of PES systems that benefit local communities. As the Minister of Environment, he managed to curb logging and deforestation trends to achieve a national net growth of forested areas through natural regeneration and reforestation. He is also internationally recognized for promoting the concept of identifying and capturing the economic value of standing forests within protected areas, private forests and Indian reserves. As a result of his passion and hard work, marine conservation is now being fully addressed for the first time in Costa Rica. In recognition of his contributions, he was the first ever recipient of the Global Ocean Conservation Award in 2005. He was former Vice President for Conservation Policy at Conservation International (CI). Before joining CI, Rodriquez was, a lawyer, politician and, above all, a conservationist, Rodriguez held various political posts in Costa Rica, including Director of the National Parks Service. He is also founder and Board member of many environmental NGOs in Costa Rica, in addition to several tropical research institutes.

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