Brent Loken
Global Food Lead Scientist at WWF

Brent Loken is the Global Food Lead Scientist for WWF. His work focuses on using food as a lever for improving planetary health through education, conservation and research. He has a broad and varied background including founding both a progressive international school and conservation NGO and research into topics ranging from food and health to orangutans and clouded leopards. His commitment to improving planetary health has resulted in some important contributions including rediscovering what was thought to be an extinct monkey species, helping to protect one of the most biologically rich forests on Borneo, educating a generation of environmentalists, co-authoring one of the most influential scientific publications on human health and environmental sustainability and raising global awareness to the critical importance of food system transformation in stopping climate change, reversing biodiversity loss, and restoring nature. Rarely patient, Brent believes to achieve the SDGs and Paris Agreement in the short time that is available, it will be because of fast moving and innovative organizations and people that disrupt the status quo and actively show the world a better way. More information Website – www.wwf.org.uk Twitter – @brentloken

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