Bosco Torremocha
Director-General of Espirituosos de España, representing Spirits Europe

Bosco Torremocha has worked in the public and provate sectors as well as in trade associations. In 1999, Bosco worked in the Embassy of Spain to the UK, in charge of the Spanish wine promotion. In the private sector, Bosco worked in London from the Banco de Santander (Capital Markets, 1995), in the advertising industry in Madrid (Mehga Models, 1998), as a businessman in the hospitality sector in Cádiz (1998-2000) and finally in the Bodegas Argűeso winery (2000-02). Since then, Bosco has worked in the wine and spirits sector trade associations. Since 2010, Bosco has been leading the Spanish Association of Spirits Producers, engaging with governments, ministries, media, consumers and officials at regional, national and Eureopan levels. The trade association is heavily engaged in implementing prevention programs to reduce alcohol-related harm all over the country and was awarded the CRUZ BLANCA by teh Ministry of Health for this long-term commitment and achievement.

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