Alessandro Cescatti
Senior scientist, Directorate for Sustainable Resources, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

Alessandro Cescatti, PhD in Forest Ecology, leads the research group “Land-Climate Interactions” in the Bio-economy Unit of the Directorate for Sustainable Development of the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission. He has broad expertise on the use of Earth observations from multiple platforms and technologies, including network of flux sites, national forest inventories and advanced remote sensing based on different techniques and platforms. He focuses on the quantification of biophysical and biogeochemical processes that occur in the land-climate system at various spatial and temporal scales. He has (co)-authored about 180 peer-reviewed papers in that field. He is co-responsible for the development of the activity in Europe of the “EU observatory on deforestation, forest degradation, changes in the world’s forest cover, and associated driver” that the Joint Research Centre is currently establishing.

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