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Participation for the members of press and media to the Forum does not require special accreditation. However we invite those in journalism to register before the event on the online registration platform and to indicate press/media as “Sector of activity”.

Press statements and summaries

Current year

May 26, 2021 | Press Release: FFA2021Regional Event  Read press release >

March 23, 2021 | Summary: Annual Conference Session 1 - Introduction and renewing leadership within the food system  Read session summary >

March 23, 2021 | Summary: Annual Conference Session 2 - Making the food system climate resilient  Read session summary >

March 16, 2021 | Summary: Farm to Fork Strategy: building a sustainable EU Food system framework: share responsibility equally Read session summary >

March 16, 2021 | Summary: Will the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) deliver for society? Read session summary >

Previous years

June, 2020 | Media Invitation: Food system resilience, sustainability and the COVID-19 crisis: Looking ahead to the German Presidency of the EU English > German >

March 11, 2020 | FFA announcement of cancellation of FFA2020 following escalation of COVID-19 Coronavirus More >

Dec 2019 | FFA announces new partnerships to drive ideas and thinking for a more sustainable food and agriculture system More >

FFA2018 Regional Forum, Ukraine - Meeting the food and environmental challenge – an open dialogue. English > Ukraine >

FFA2018 Regional Forum, Finland - High ambitions for the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). English > Finnish >

FFA2018 - Healthy farming, healthy food, healthy future. More >

FFA2017 Regional Forum, Bulgaria - Calls for an economically viable and environmentally sustainable future for European agriculture. More >

FFA2017 - Time for solutions More >

FFA2017 Regional Forum, Reims - FFA Regional urges European Agriculture to turn challenges into opportunities. More >

FFA2016 Regional Forum, Vienna - Forum calls for actions and collaboration to meet societal expectations of European agriculture. English> German>

FFA2016 - Not business as usual – UN SDGs and Forum demand action and collaboration. More >

FFA2015 calls on farmers, industry and NGOs to rebuild trust and recognize their common objectives for sustainable agriculture. More >

FFA2014 calls for the prioritisation of innovation and knowledge transfer to accelerate the drive for safety and sustainability in agriculture. More >

FFA2013 urges political leaders to address imbalances in the global agri-food system. More >

FFA2012 calls for ambitious EU agricultural policy fit for the 21st century. More >

FFA2011 calls for an ambitious CAP Reform to deliver sustainable food production for Europe and the world. More >


Below is a selection of images from FFA that can be used for press or media purposes. Click on an image to open full size photograph then right click and choose "Save image as..." to save the image for use.
FFA2021 Regional Portugal
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FFA2021 Annual Conference
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FFA2021 Annual Conference
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FFA2021 Annual Conference
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FFA2019 where agriculture and environment meet for an open dialogue
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FFA Chair Janez Potočnik opening FFA2019
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Opening address from Ertharin Cousin at FFA2019
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Keynote speaker Miguel Arias Cañete addressing FFA2019
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FFA2019 climate change panel
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FFA2019 new partners discussion
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Keynote speaker Wiebe Draijer at FFA2019
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Financing sustainability panel at FFA2019
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Heather Mills in discussion with Femi Oke at FFA2019
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Shepherdess Teleri Fielden speaking at FFA2019
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Jenny Du from Apeel Sciences speaking at FFA2019
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Commissioner Phil Hogan speaking at FFA2019
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The panel at FFA2019 discuss “a CAP for the next generation”
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FFA Chair Janez Potočnik closing FFA2019
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The Forum logo


The butterfly, the air, and the land
The centrepiece of our new logo is a butterfly which symbolises the urgent need for greater sustainability overall, and especially to protect and enhance biodiversity. A butterfly already featured in our original logo – but our new one has evolved to become multi-dimensional. Look closely and you can see the butterfly change into a landscape. The top, pale blue half, is the sky and the green lower half is fields of crops and forests.

Why a butterfly?
We chose to include a butterfly in our logo many years ago because their presence indicates the health of an ecosystem.
We feel their role is more important than ever in a world facing biodiversity loss.

The colours of nature
We have carefully chosen colours for our new branding that represent the importance of nature in tackling climate change, halting biodiversity loss, protecting water, and transforming our food systems to provide nutritious, healthy and safe food for the growing global population.

Forum colors

Growth green: Emphasizes that agriculture needs to be regenerative, protecting our environment while providing food security.

Air and water blue: Draws attention to the potential for agriculture to capture carbon from the air to mitigate climate change and highlights the importance of water in agriculture.

Earth orange: Highlights the importance of healthy soil in capturing carbon and maintaining crop yields.

Our name and our purpose bring continuity
We are still the Forum for the Future of Agriculture (Forum for Ag in brief). Our purpose is as true today as when we were formed – to be the place where agriculture and environment meet for an open dialogue. We have kept this statement in our new logo, linking our evolution with our history.

To read the full story of our new logo click here

B-roll video

To request access to B-roll video footage send an email to with details of your name and your organisation.