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In the virtual kitchen at our 2021 Forum we featured some free recipe books from our partners that proved very popular. To allow further access to over 100 sustainable recipes they are now available on the website to download or view on demand. More >
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2021 Regional Event Portugal

During May we reopened our 2021 virtual venue to host our first regional event of the year which was broadcast live from Portugal. Key subjects included farming practices in Southern Europe with sustainable water use and farmland habitat management and increasing sustainability standards through trade deals. In a Solutions Workshop, panellists examined whether new genomic techniques (NGTs) are one of the tools for achieving the Farm to Fork Strategy targets and how climate change can be tackled with NGTs.

UN Food Systems Summit Independent Dialogue: Mainstreaming regenerative agriculture
On June 30, 2021, 77 experts and stakeholders from the food supply chain gathered to debate on the concept of regenerative agriculture and its implementation. The conversation revolved on its definition and scope, its measurements, and the means to its expansion. Co-organized by the Forum for the Future of Agriculture, the main findings of the discussions were officially submitted to the UN Food Systems Summit.
About the Forum
The annual conference of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture takes place every spring in Brussels and most recently online. The purpose of the Forum is to stimulate open discussions on the future of European and world agriculture and assess what should and what can be achieved over time, attaching equal weight to two challenges: food security and environmental security. The Brussels event is accompanied every year by regional conferences across Europe, the most recent one was held in Portugal and online at the end of May.
The Forum for the Future of Agriculture is the premiere meeting place in Brussels to debate sustainable agriculture and environmental challenges. The Forum is where agriculture and environment meet for an open dialogue. Enter your email in the box above to receive updates on our events and other activities. More >