Where agriculture & environment meet for an open dialogue
FFA2019 : The next generation
Tuesday, April 9, 2019
Square, Brussels

Come to FFA

The annual Forum for the Future of Agriculture (FFA) comes to the Square Brussels meeting centre each year for another stimulating debate on the future of European and world agriculture.

The annual conference of the Forum for the Future of Agriculture takes place every spring in Brussels, and it has a program of activity focused on the food and environmental security agenda. The FFA Brussels is accompanied every year by regional conferences across Europe.

The Forum is now established as the premier meeting place for those who have a stake in the future of agriculture and has been addressed by European Commissioners, MEPs, National Government Ministers, Industry Leaders, Academics, NGOs, International Organisations, including OECD and FAO.

The purpose of the FFA is to stimulate open discussions on the future of European and world agriculture and assess what should and what can be achieved over time, attaching equal weight to two challenges: food security and environmental security.

We hope you can join us in Brussels for the next FFA - where agriculture and environment meet for an open dialogue.

How to get to FFA

FFA will take place at

The Square,
Glass Entrance
rue Mont des Arts
B-1000 Brussels
website: www.square-brussels.com

By train
The Square is situated near to the Central Station, handy for the international airport and train connections.

By air
Brussels International Airport is only 17 minutes away from the city centre and the Square. A direct train shuttle from the airport stops at Brussels Central, which is near to the Square and many local hotels.
By car
There are 660 parking spaces right underneath the Square. You can get in via Place de la Justice-Gerechtsplein, and Stuiversstraat-rue des Sols, and then walk straight into the building.

City transport
There are numerous metro links, bus and tram stops close by (Central Station metro lines 1 and 5). A map of the Brussels transport network is available. You can also hail a licenced taxi from Central Station or hire a city bike from two nearby terminals.

Where to stay

Brussels is the thriving centre of Europe and the home to the FFA, the Square, is right in the heart of it. We're just a short stroll from all of the historic city's major attractions with over 13,000 hotel rooms just around the corner, plus the pick of the city's restaurants, bars, and shops.

To find out details of available hotels you can use the facilities of Visit Brussels.